Opal Pack

Opal 10-Pack


A great deal for those of you who would like to make multiple rings with different opal variations!

The pack of ten opals include: Everything in the 5 pack (Pearl White, Blue Fire, Crimson Red, Lavender Purple, Black Emerald) plus Black Fire, Sonic Gray, Neon Green, Dragon Scale, and Coral.  

Each color comes with 1 gram (the same as our individual opal amounts), or enough to make five rings in most circumstances.  

If you'd like to make a custom 10 pack, or switch out some of our colors, send us an email (support@patrickadairsupplies.com) or write us a note when you are on the "Your Shopping Cart" page.

You can also check out our 5-Pack of opal for $40 or our 25-Pack of opal for $125 ($5 per gram?!)