Patrick Adair Supplies Grand Opening!

Patrick Adair Supplies Grand Opening!

Welcome, my dudes! One of the most common questions we get in response to our YouTube videos is people asking how they can make rings at home. We realized that not everyone has the time, money, or experience to source high-quality materials so that they can start making their own rings. That's the origin of the new Patrick Adair Supplies website idea. 

On the Patrick Adair Supplies website, we will sell ring blanks, inlay materials, glow powder, and colour pigment. These are all you need to start making your own amazing glowstone rings. The grand opening will currently have a very limited catalogue, but the catalogue is going to be updated almost daily.  To keep in touch we recommend you sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page. We also want to help one lucky subscriber start their collection off strong. To do this we will be choosing one lucky subscriber to get a $150 gift card to the Patrick Adair Supplies website. 

I hope you guys are as excited to get started making rings as we are to see your wonderful creations!

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Thank you for the chance!

Stu McPhee

Can you tell me what grit sanding to get i got one of the Area 51 rings and do you sell them

Robert Spencer

Hi this is the best

jAne sMith

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