Supplies Rewards Points-- get rewarded for making purchases, leaving reviews, liking us on social media and more!

Every 100 Supplies Rewards Points = $1 US discount on an order! 🙀

Ways to Earn:

  • Click the orange Rewards button (bottom left of the screen).
  • Click Ways to Earn, then pick the task you'd like to do.
  • Sign up and instantly get 100 points.
  • Place an order. Every $1 USD spent gets you 5 Supplies Rewards Points!
  • Celebrate a birthday with us- we'll give you 200 Supplies Rewards Points as a birthday gift! Make sure to sign up 30 days prior to your birthday for our system to process it.
  • Leave a product review and get 100 Points.
  • Get social with us!
    • Follow us on Instagram: 100 Points
    • Like us on Facebook: 100 Points
    • Share our site with your friends. Post us to your Facebook Feed and get 200 rewards points!
  • Refer your friends
    • Share your unique URL to give your friends a $10 off coupon- you'll get one too after they make a purchase!
    • To find your unique referral code, click Refer your friends in the Rewards button.
    • Copy the unique URL and send through text, email, or social media.

How to Redeem:
  1. Click Ways to Redeem on the orange Rewards button (bottom left of the screen).
  2. You’ll see your total Supplies Rewards Points at the top of the screen. Click Redeem to convert your points into a discount.
  3. After redeeming, go back to the main rewards page. You’ll see a new tab at the top that says Your rewards. Click there to see your available rewards.
  4. Click on the reward you want to use.
  5. Click the copy icon or Apply code to apply your unique rewards discount code to your order.

 *Rewards points cannot be combined with other discounts.