About Us

Patrick originally started selling his new and unique jewelry creations in 2015. He used social media to grow his company and find customers. Throughout this whole journey he noticed that there were a lot of people interested in the actual making process itself rather than just purchasing a finished product. However, the scale required to successfully create a jewelry supply company was a bit too ambitious for what Patrick felt he could pull off at the time. But within a couple of years the social media growth had reached a point where he finally decided it was time to start. So in January of 2018, Patrick Adair Supplies was born! Patrick brought in his older brother Elliott to be the CEO of the business. Meanwhile, Patrick focused on the product development and video content creation side of the business.

With lots of help and feedback from the community, he launched many great products and created all sorts of videos featuring them and showing fellow makers how he liked to use them. Many of these products didn’t otherwise exist at the time of their creation, and he’s very proud of all of the unique and creative jewelry that has been made possible because of this. Since then his focus has been on helping nurture the growth of the company, focusing on training PAS employees on how to successfully create new exciting products and then communicate how to creatively use them with all of our amazing customers. He has also been working on a few exciting new jewelry related projects that he’s looking forward to sharing with the PAS community soon! In typical start-up style, we got started with what we had, in the early days we only had a dozen or so available products, but slowly over time and product by product we have now grown the company into something amazing.

Today both Patrick Adair Designs and Patrick Adair Supplies are staples in the jewelry supply business, known worldwide for providing quality products.  We strive to be an affordable, convenient, one-stop-shop for all the supplies a maker would need in order to create the unique jewelry styles that we cater to. We’re not stopping any time soon, and we look forward to continued growth within this awesome community.  

Company Information (Find more on our FAQ page):
  • We do all customer service through email. Our email address is support@patrickadairsupplies.com. We try to respond to emails within 24 business hours.
  • We ship orders on weekdays with the exception of major US holidays.
  • We love seeing our customers' creations- join our Facebook group Patrick Adair Makers! https://www.facebook.com/groups/patrickadairmakers
  • We accept returns or exchanges for products in like-new condition. Customized products (such as engravings) are not eligible for return/exchange.