Q:  How can we contact you?

A:  We do all customer service through email.  Our email address is support@patrickadairsupplies.com.  We will reply on weekdays!

Q:  Do you have a Facebook Group?

A:  Yes!  Here is the link:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/patrickadairmakers This group is a great place to ask any question about ring making and to show off your creations!  Go here rather than emailing us for questions about the ring-making process.  

Q:  How can I find my ring size or convert my ring size to US sizes?

A:  The first step is measuring the diameter of the finger that will wear the ring.  You can do this with our ring sizers that we sell on our website here. You can also wrap a string around your finger and then measure the length of the string.  After you know the size in inches or mm, you can convert it using this chart to figure out your size. 

International Ring Size Conversion Chart

Example:  You measure the circumference of your finger and find it is 2.5 inches or 61 mm around.  You can then see that in the USA your size is a 9.5, or in Britain your size is S½.  

Q:  I am new to ring making.  What are some basic tools you would recommend?

A:  A rotary tool (like a Dremel) can be enough to start.  Eventually, a serious ring maker will also want the following:  Patrick Adair Supplies Expanding Ring Mandrel, lathe, belt or disc sander, buffing wheel, and drill press

Q:  Do your ring kits come with glue or epoxy?

A:  The ring kits do not come with glue or epoxy.  We decided to keep these out and just reduce the price of the kits for two main reasons. 1. Some of our frequent buyers don’t need glue with every kit and would rather save the money.  2.  We can’t ship liquids with the Postal Service internationally.  This would mean that everyone outside of the US would be forced to pay for more expensive shipping if they wanted a ring kit.

Q:  Do your ring kits/products come with instructions?

A:  Currently we don’t send printed instructions with our products.  We encourage our customers to watch our instructional videos that take you through every step of the creation process. Find our detailed videos here: https://www.youtube.com/c/PatrickAdairSupplies/featured

Q:  What do you recommend using to get good photos of your rings?

A:  Good lighting and a macro lens are Patrick’s top two tips.

Q:  Are your Exotic Materials real?  

A:  Yes!  We only offer authentic items on our Exotic Materials page.  These include 24-K gold leaf, dinosaur bone, meteorite pieces, diamonds and other precious and semi-precious gemstones and minerals.  See our site’s product descriptions for more details.

Q:  Is your Opal real? 

A:  We offer a very high-quality, lab-grown, synthetic opal. It looks very similar to natural opal and has nearly identical properties.  Being created in a lab, the opal is without the defects common in the natural stone.  Plus, the price is now very buyer friendly.  The pieces range in size from 2 to 4 mm.

Q:  Can your color pigments be used for cosmetics like body scrubs, body butters, lip gloss, etc.?

A:  Our color pigments are not toxic but are not recommended for ingestion.  External use should be fine, but not lip gloss.  We sell the color pigments for jewelry-making purposes.


Q:  How can I change my ring size or customize my subscription box?

A:  This is best done through email!  Send us the change you want to make to support@patrickadairsupplies.com.  You can change your ring size at any time, please specify if you want it to be a one-time change or a permanent one.  We can also customize your subscription box further.  If you would like a 6 mm ring blank instead of a 8 mm blank, we will accommodate this as often as possible!  (some blanks like double channel ring blanks don't offer 6 mm and these are sent a few times per year)  We can also add additional rings to the box.  For $10 extra, we will send you a second ring blank each month.


Q:  How can I pause/cancel/skip a month of my subscription box?

A:  Our subscription box is flexible so it can fit any ring maker's schedule!  You can do all this through your account on our website.  Click here to login to your account.  


Q:  I’m having trouble logging into my account

A:  This is a common question we get!  The solution may not be the same for you, but here are some suggestions to help you get logged in.  

If you are getting a message saying you have the wrong password, try changing your password.  If you are getting a message saying your email doesn’t have an account, try setting up an account with that email.  Check all your email folders including promotions, spam, junk, etc. if you don’t see the password reset or account creation email.  

If you are still having trouble, try using a different email address.  Most common domains like gmail, yahoo etc. won’t have issues, but uncommon ones like @me.com or a custom website email might have issues. You can also make sure you are using a common website browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Explorer.  The last thing you can try is using multiple devices.  Try using a smartphone, laptop or desktop computer, or a family member’s device to see if it makes a difference.