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Heat Tape Rolls

Heat Tape Rolls

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This heat tape is a handy tool to have when working with plated blanks. It can withstand the high temperatures created during sanding and provides an extra layer of protection on the delicate plating.

It is also handy for covering part of a ring, like one channel of our double-channel ring blanks when doing different inlays in the channels.

  • The tape is wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant providing protection for the thin electroplating on our gold and other plated ring blanks.
  • Other uses include sublimation heat transfer on ceramics, clothes and bags, and insulation for electronics and electric circuits.
  • This tape is clean, easy to peel off and leaves no residue. 
  • It is made of insulating PET material and resists cold, high temperatures, wear, aging, and tearing. It can be used in a hot press, withstanding temperatures up to 530 degrees Fahrenheit (280 degrees Celsius). Heating time should not exceed 30 minutes.

We offer two different widths, both are 33m (108 feet) long:

3mm (0.12")

10mm (0.4")

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ruth Varley
Heat tape rolls

Perfect size and adhesion to cover channels for inlaying multi channel rings.

James Rogge
It works

The tape works well. I'm still having problems with the final clean up. The gold plating stayed on the outside edges.

Just need a different color

Works exactly as intended. My only issue is that most of the rings that are plated are some shade of gold. This tape blends in very well and it is hard di tell when you may have sanded too far and exposed the ring. Not sure it even exists but a black color option would be awesome. Otherwise works well. Takes a bit of patience to apply, but if you are doing high end rings every step takes care and patience.