Past Subscription Boxes

Want to see what our past subscription box rings have looked like? Your wish is our command!

Active subscribers can purchase most past subscription boxes with bonus items included for $49.99. Non-subscribers can purchase most past ring kits for $49.99.
If you're interested in a box, send us an email at and we can create an invoice for you!

June 2024 - The Oro Divino
Bonus: 24 Karat Gold Color Pigment

May 2024 - The Kaleidoscope
Bonus- N/A, this box was a jam-packed value!
*Not available at a $49.99 value. We can help create an invoice by email if you're interested in this kit!

April 2024- Stargazer
Bonus: Step 5 Diamond Polishing Paste

March 2024- Radioactive
Bonus: Yellow Neon Glow Powder, Lemon Quartz Fragments, 10 vials, 10 containers, 1 mini UV light

February 2024- The Aquarius
Bonus: Koa wood liner