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Sanding Drums 1/2"

Sanding Drums 1/2"

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Sanding drums to bolster your tools and supplies. An essential tool in the ring making process to create a smooth finish and shape your ring to perfection. Sanding drum heads dull over time, so we offer bulk (100, 500, and 1000) packs. That way you are always ready to create your next inspirational ring.

Choose your desired grit (the lower the grit number, the rougher the texture).  Our ring makers use two to three drums on each Glowstone Ring and one to two additional drums if they are working with a harder material like diamonds or sapphire.  Grit size 120 is the most commonly used.

Pack includes two rubber-ringed rotary tool attachment per 100 drums.  Drums are 1/2" in diameter.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Just what I needed

120 grit sanding sleeves get the job done. PAS always gets me what I order quickly. My order often is packed and out the same day, depending on the time I order. You all are the best!

Alex Smits
Have had better

Sorry to say but the quality isn't that good.
For some rings I used more than I did with an other brand (same inlay)

Tysen Lindsey
Always top shelf

Every order I've ever made has been complete and on time, with excellent quality.

Robert Taylor
Just as advertised

Like the title said just as advertised! Works flawlessly!

Deborah Deem
Sanding drums

The sanding drums work perfectly.