Why Patrick Adair Supplies Makes the Best Expanding Ring Mandrels

Why Patrick Adair Supplies Makes the Best Expanding Ring Mandrels

Why should you use Expanding Ring Mandrels to make rings, and why do we make the best Expanding Ring Mandrels?  These are great questions! If you are on this page you have probably seen my YouTube Channels (Patrick Adair Designs and Patrick Adair Supplies).  In the majority of these videos I am using my Expanding Ring Mandrels.  Expanding Ring Mandrels were always an essential part of my process, but I didn’t love any options that were available on the market.  I decided to design my own mandrels for personal use, as well as to sell at PatrickAdairSupplies.com. I am now on my third generation and I feel I have perfected my design!  So why should you buy an Expanding Ring Mandrel or the Ultimate Set from Patrick Adair Supplies?

Why We Use Expanding Ring Mandrels

Spinning your ring on a lathe is going to make it 10x easier to make rings compared to using a rotary tool or other methods.  You will get a much more professional finish most of the time as well. If you’re making more than one size of ring, an Expanding Ring Mandrel is a lifesaver because you can easily swap out any size and have a snug fit within seconds!  

Why We Make the Best Expanding Ring Mandrels

Ultimate Design

There were several design aspects we wanted to incorporate into our expanding ring mandrels.  We believe we have achieved the perfect combination of space on each step, length of the mandrel, and fitting the most ring sizes on a set of three mandrels.  Each step is 6 mm in width, plenty of space to snugly fit even the widest of rings on each step. Making the steps too wide or putting too many on one mandrel would make the mandrel too long.  When a mandrel gets too long, it is unlikely to spin perfectly “true”.

Sizes 4.5-13.5 fit perfectly on our mandrels and we even have some overlap between the different sizes to ensure a perfect fit on one of your mandrels.  If you need to go larger than 13.5, adding some electric tape to your mandrel will do the trick. We added a back stop ring at the end of the mandrel to help your rings from slipping off the back.

In the past we sold a set of mandrels with every size on two mandrels, or every size on four mandrels.  We found the set of two with every size didn’t have wide enough spaces and was too long. The set with four mandrels was good, but we wanted to bring our cost lower.  The set of three Ultimate Mandrels is the best combination of everything.

Ultimate Durability

Our expanding ring mandrels are made with wear-resistant stainless steel.  While other materials such as wood or carbon steel rust or wear down, these will withstand the test of time even with heavy use.  

Ultimate Value

We have the only stainless steel set of expanding ring mandrels we know of to cover sizes 4.5-13.5 for less than $150.  We don’t ding you with fees or shipping costs: use our fast free shipping for domestic orders or a low flat rate for international shipping.  Finally, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. We will accept undamaged products for a full refund!

The Ultimate Set is on sale right now for $149.99!  Individual expanding mandrels are for sale for just $54.99, or you can get a Ring Supplies Kit with a Mandrel of your choice for just $99.99!


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Do these Mandrels fit in a drill press or in a standard drill chuck?

Erin Burkard

I don’t own a lathe. Is there another way to hold the mandrels?

Ruth Greening

Hi there quick question, I don’t have a lathe. I have a hi tech slant cabber and a dremel. Will the expanding mandrel fit on either of these?

Bobbi West





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