Greetings!  I wanted to post some info about the Patrick Adair Supplies Subscription Box.  We send out a box of ring-making goodies valued at at least $100 at the beginning of each month to our subscribers.  These goodies are the components you need to make a ring yourself from start to finish, just like I do!    You can subscribe and get all of it for just $49.99 per month!  We also have an awesome promotion right now for new subscribers.  Included for FREE with your first box will be an Expanding Ring Mandrel and a bottle of CA Glue!  

The Easiest Way To Make a Ring

Getting started making your own rings can feel overwhelming.  Our subscribers have the easiest path to making high-quality, professional-looking rings for several reasons:

1.  We send you all the materials you need to make a ring each month!

2.  I then post an in-depth tutorial each month about how to make your ring on the Patrick Adair Supplies YouTube Channel.  You're not just making it up as you go;  we have an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process!  

3.  You have our Community for support!  Each month, all Subscribers are sent the same ring so you're working on a project with many other people at the same time!  Our Facebook group is where our subscribers collaborate with each other and with us.  It's a great place to get ideas from other ring makers, get additional help on how to make a ring, or to show off your creations to everyone else in the group!

More Perks For Ring Making

1.  All Subscribers get 25% off other purchases at!  After you activate your subscription, just use the code "SubscriptionBox25" for your discount!  Shipping is always free within the US!  (International shipping is $14.  Contact us at if you want to make a request to combine shipping for multiple orders internationally!)

2.  First-time subscribers get a free Expanding Ring Mandrel and CA glue!  Ring mandrels are ultra important for making rings following the style we will do in the Supplies Subscription Box!    

3.  The Subscription Box is a great way for me to get to know you through social media interaction, and it's a great way for you to get to interact more personally with me too!  I plan to do a livestream Q&A session at least once per month in our exclusive Subscription Box Facebook group where you can ask me all the questions you need to make sure you make your ring how you want it! (only Subscribers in the group so that they can get better access to help as needed.)  If you're not a Subscriber, join our regular Patrick Adair Supplies Facebook group anyways!  There are more people in this group, we will still do livestreams, and there are some great posts from many different creators. 

 4.  Many of the materials we send out in your monthly box are exclusive to the Subscription Box.  There are often colors or inlay materials we don't sell at included or you get to make a ring that isn't sold at  Recent boxes have included materials to make rings such as the Deep Space Ring (it contained 8 different components with a value of $140), the Tucson Ring (this is a ring we don't sell at plus it included copper shavings and turquoise fragments which weren't available to purchase yet at  We save the best for our Subscribers to keep the ring-making exciting!!

We would love for you to be a part of the family! 

It's $49.99 per month, and you get at least $100 worth of products in each box.  The Expanding Ring Mandrel matching your ring size and bottle of CA Glue will be automatically included in your first box! Click here to join us!

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Is there a way to change the ring size for the subscription box? I was hoping to make different size rings for my family and friends as birthday/ Christmas presents.

Amanda Case

Ok so a suggestion….post the current subscription box tutorial with the description. I’m sure this may just be a timing issue. But some of the rings really require watching the videos to get a baseline approach.

James Sinkule





Me alegra conocer tantos productos y enseñanzas para el arte de la Joyería y la Artesanía.
desde Bogota , COLOMBIA
Jose calderon

jose calderon





Hi I have tried the box but sadly should like to end the subscription, I’m having some troubles to find where I do that

Linus Rittger