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Become a Subscriber and get 20% off ALL future purchases!!!

New subscribers get an Expanding Ring Mandrel, Astro Tech T-Shirt, and CA Glue Free! ($85 Value)  (Subscription Box Exempt from Discount codes)

January Ring of the Month:  The Lava Rock Ring

December's Kit includes: 

  • A Titanium Ring Blank
  • Red and Lava Opal Mixture
  • Red Color Pigment
  • Black Color Pigment
  • Red Glow Powder
  • A black ring box to keep your finished ring in

A complete kit with using products from our website to make one of Patrick's rings sent to you each month for $49.99!  First-time subscriptions always get a bottle of CA glue as a welcome bonus!  Re-create your own masterpieces such as the Deep Space, Sunken Artifact, or Star Dust rings.  You'll get exotic materials including meteorite, mammoth tooth, amethyst, dinosaur bone, tungsten, titanium, glow powder and more.  To help you make each ring with the same quality as our boys in the shop, we're uploading detailed instructional videos for each box to our YouTube channel "Patrick Adair Supplies".  

*Discount codes will not work on the Supplies Subscription Box or if it is in your cart. 

Check out our blog post on the Supplies Subscription Box here!  

As a subscriber: enjoy 20% off all additional orders on our website and 20% off at  Use code SubscriptionBox20 after ordering your subscription on all future purchases!  Note: *Regular discount codes will not work when the subscription box is in your shopping cart due to two different discount code services.  To use a discount on additional products, make two separate orders.  In addition, if you order your extra products after you are a subscriber, you can instantly use your 20% discount on your next purchase and we are happy to combine or refund double shipping if applicable.  To combine shipping for a discount on international orders, for your 20% discount on Patrick Adair Designs or for any other questions about the Patrick Adair Supplies Subscription Box, please email us at

Subscription renews automatically each month on the 1st day of the month.  The components to create a new design will be shipped by the 5th day of each month.  All new subscribers will receive the current month's box immediately unless ordered within the last five days of the month.  (For example: a new subscriber subscribing on the 29th day of the November will not receive or pay for November's Subscription Box.  Their first payment will apply to the December box.)  Contact us at if you have special requests such as changing your ring blank size or mandrel size.  No contract, cancel without penalty.  20% discount for additional purchases will be available through a discount code.  Discount codes cannot be combined.  Discount codes will not apply to gift cards or monthly subscriptions.