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Astro Dust Rainbow 6-Pack

Astro Dust Rainbow 6-Pack

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Our selection of 6 different Astro Tech Color Pigments to make the colors of a rainbow. Try out a variety of our new Astro Tech Color Pigments with this beautiful rainbow 6 pack at a fraction of the cost. This pack includes the colors Sunflower, Tangerine, Bright Sapphire, Scarlet, Granny Smith Green, and Violet.

Take advantage of this sweet deal to create unique ring projects and share them with us on Instagram and other social media!

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Customer Reviews

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Julie Yates
I assumed. That makes me a dummy

So last night l spent a while mixing up primary element pigments. At one point l grabbed one of your little baggies because it was a much prettier color than P E.
Why did l assume that since l didn't pay $100 (with shipping) for your product that it wouldn't be as nice or as beautiful.
I can't say that your product has as many colors because l only have a few but from what l can see, everyone should buy your product first, then if you are missing a color that you must have, then you can send P E the big bucks for a little jar.
I hope you get more colors because l would love to stop paying those crazy prices for P E and then to get ripped off on their shipping fees.
Do you sell the Enamel to mix the pigments with ?
Tomorrow l will look into your product closely. I ordered from you a few months ago. Thank you.
Oh, you should say "Take the Primary E challenge" Thank you