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Black Ceramic Ring Blank

Black Ceramic Ring Blank

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Black ceramic is a beautiful material. The material is very hard and doesn't scratch easily. It provides a lustrous background for any inlay.

Ceramic is a brittle material that can crack if it experiences a sudden impact or is stressed (as with an expanding ring mandrel).  To prevent this, we recommend using two layers of electrical tape wrapped around the mandrel instead of over-tightening.  If the ring still slips, use two dabs of CA glue to glue it to the mandrel rather than over-tightening the ring on the mandrel.

Rings are available in standard 8mm or thinner styles of 6mm and 4mm. 

The channel on the 8 mm ring blanks is 1 mm deep and 4 mm wide.  Our 6 mm-wide rings have a channel that is 1 mm deep and 3 mm wide.  Our 4mm-wide rings’ channel is 1 mm deep and 1.9 mm wide.

Note:  ring blanks may have the size and/or material type laser-engraved on the interior.

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Customer Reviews

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Charles J. Goulet
This is a nice and durable core

I made a purple heart ring with a cutout for opals in the center. Core worked fine, even using it a 2nd time! In trying to get that perfect thickness I blew up a first attempt on the lathe. I soaked core in acetone and it cleaned off perfectly for a second use. Not a scratch on It. Grand daughter loves the ring.

Mark Steven Crouse
Black Ceramic Ring

The Black ceramic Ring is all that it promises, great shine, pretty scratch resistant while Sanding, and if you have a few mishaps, the diamond polishing paste will fix that in a Heartbeat.

Deborah Deem
Black Ceramic Ring

My favorite rings to work with are the ceramic rings. They don't scratch and polish up so nicely.

Black ceramic ring blank

Great finish, fantastic price, will buy again


Black Ceramic Ring Blank