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Cobalt Chrome Ring Blank

Cobalt Chrome Ring Blank

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Cobalt Chrome is a vibrant, silver-white metal that rivals platinum's brightness. This elegant metal is extremely hard and shatterproof. It is medium-weight, hypoallergenic, and very corrosion-resistant.

Rings are available in standard 8mm or thinner styles of 6mm and 4mm.

The channel on the 8 mm ring blanks is 1 mm deep and 4 mm wide.  Our 6 mm-wide rings have a channel that is 1 mm deep and 3 mm wide.  Our 4mm-wide rings’ channel is 1 mm deep and 1.9 mm wide.

Note: ring blank may have the material type and/or size laser engraved on the interior.

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Customer Reviews

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Highest speed and quality.

David Flowers
Quality Cobalt Chrome Cores

Cobalt chrome ring cores have an extra measure of luster and hardness—I love the way a finished inlay ring looks with this material.

Nathaniel Frees
Gorgeous metal

This is definitely one of my new favorites for designing bright rings.

Nathaniel Frees

this is a beautful ring blank to work with and the finish on it is gorgeous

Michael Paul Designed
My “Go To” ring blank.

When only the best will do.