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Copper Shavings

Copper Shavings

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Copper is one of the few native metals, meaning it is found in its pure metallic form in nature.  Copper shavings will provide a rustic look to any ring you make. These copper shavings are easily pliable for easy ring making. A soft metal, copper sits at a 3 on the Mohs hardness scale. Try out this inlay material with your next ring!

For a smaller copper inlay, check out our Copper Sparkles.

Purchase will provide enough shavings to enhance roughly 5 rings.
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Customer Reviews

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Erik Buchholz
Really good copper shavings

Copper shavings look great in rings. I have tried a variety of sources and Adair's are consistently the best. The copper is perfectly clean (no soaking in soap water required) and the little coils are nice and hefty (for something just a few millimeters in size). I spend some time breaking them apart and bending them into non-coil shapes and then put them in the ring channel. It comes out looking like tiny Arabic caligraphy (at least to those of us who cannot read the real thing). It's been amusing watching an Arabic-speaking/reading friend try to read my rings. I had to explain that it was just a random sprinkling of 3D pieces that were then sanded down. He went home with a matching pair for him and his wife. It's nice having one's art appreciated. :-)


Haven’t used it yet! But it looks good.


Great copper shavings and I can’t wait to use them for my projects!

Copper shavings

Great product got some in the subscription box and immediately ordered more love the look of this stuff

Great quality, but misleading

I absolutely love the quality of this and am writing this before I purchase more. One thing, though, is the item description says that there is enough for 5 rings but I was only able to get 1 ring out of the gram I ordered.

Hi Jack,
Thanks for being so active in reviewing our products! We base that estimate on the rate we use the shavings in rings shown in our kits and on the PAD site. We sprinkle the shavings throughout as an accent. If the shavings are packed in more tightly, yes, the quantity will last for fewer rings. We would love to see your ring!
~ Carolyn