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The Deluxe Starter Kit

The Deluxe Starter Kit

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The "Deluxe Starter Kit" is the perfect way to get started making your own beautiful, custom Glowstone rings.  This kit is a big step up from the "Essentials Starter Kit" because it comes with a stainless steel expanding ring mandrel.  You'll be making a worth while investment that pays off in the long run when it's much easier to make each ring!  With this kit you'll get all the materials and instructions you need to start ring-making for an awesome value!  

Everything Included

Our goal was to make a kit that comes with every material you need to make a ring in one purchase.  The Deluxe kit includes an expanding ring mandrel, ring blanks, glow powder, glues, tools, color pigments, opal, inlay materials, and more.  If you've never made a ring before, this is the kit for you!


The savings in this bundle make it absolutely worth it. You save 30% on all of these supplies to help you create the most beautiful and stunning custom rings. We want to make it an easy choice for you to try this new hobby! 


Included with the Deluxe Starter Kit is the Ultimate Ring Making PDF Guide.  It will have you covered whether you have a lathe or not!  Plus we have an entire YouTube channel dedicated to step-by-step ring making videos!  Check out Patrick Adair Supplies on YouTube for all our tutorials. 

    What's Inside?

    • The Ultimate Ring Making PDF Guide (emailed after purchase)
    • Stainless Steel Expanding Ring Mandrel (pick your size)
    • The Kaiju Ring Kit 
      • Black Ceramic Ring Blank (pick your size)
      • Black Emerald Opal
      • Green Glow Powder
      • Obsidian Color Pigment


    • Tungsten Ring Blank (pick your size)
    • White Ceramic Ring Blank (pick your size)
    • Black Fire Opal
    • Ruby Fragments
    • Mammoth Tooth Fragments
    • Aqua Glow Powder
    • White Glow Powder
    • Granny Smith Color Pigment
    • Shiny White Color Pigment
    • Our Astro Tech CA Glue Essentials 5 Pack
      • Super Thin CA Glue
      • Medium CA Glue
      • Thick CA Glue
      • CA Accelerator
      • CA Debonder
    • 50 Glue Tips
    • Two Ring Polish Levels
      • Step 1 Rough
      • Step 2 Medium
    • Medium Diamond Polishing Paste (Step 3)
    • Five Mixing Vials
    • Five 5ml Storage Containers
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Kevin Lorde
      The Deluxe Starter Kit

      The Deluxe Starter Kit contains high quality materials that are ring maker friendly.
      It is a great starting point to learn ring making as you get access to many essential tools and job supplies in one package.
      I had a good experience using it.

      Michael Nead
      Love it

      Can't say I have any complaints. I don't know a lot about the ring making business just yet, but it was awesome for what I'm doing with rings I was most happy about the ring mandrel . No more wooden dowels.

      Ji Murr

      The deluxe kit was as advertised. The materials were top quality. I enjoyed the process of making my own rings.

      Carlos Maldonado
      Everything you need to start making Rings

      The Deluxe Starter Kit has everything needed to start making pens. The package came in a few days and I was able to make my first ring. The one observation I made was the glue bottles were filled up about half way only. Not sure if that is the norm, but other than that I was very please with the kit. You get quiet a few items for the price.

      Thanks for the review, Carlos! Due to similar customer feedback, we asked our supplier to use a bottle size that corresponded to the amount of liquid inside, and we were told the airspace is needed for dispensing when the bottle is squeezed. The larger bottles also allow the wording on the labels to be larger. Our glue is sold by weight, not volume, and you can be assured that you are getting the full 20g advertised on our website. Enjoy creating with your new supplies! ~Sarah

      Dave Pelke

      The Deluxe Starter Kit