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Disposable CA Glue Tips

Disposable CA Glue Tips

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Disposable CA Glue funnel tips. Use these on top of your Astro Tech CA Glues to get a more precise amount of CA Glue in your rings. Best for single usage as the glue will harden within the tip with time but easily interchangeable. Simply secure the tip onto the CA Glue bottle and then cut to the desired length and width for perfect control.
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Customer Reviews

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Paul Pugliese
Glue Tips

Awesome service!!

Emily Holzer

I love the idea here, and definitely think these could be helpful! However, as other reviewers have noted, these do not fit on the tops of any of my CA glue caps.

Hi Emily, thanks for taking time to leave a review. The glue tips fit on the glue bottles we sell. It takes firm pressure to get them on, but they are designed to go together. I will send you a photo by email.

Ji Murr
Great product

These glue tips make application simple. No waste or mess.

Melissa Spry

exactly what i needed to control the flow of thin CA. perfect fit on the bottle too

Jack Przelenski

I can’t imagine not working with them. They allow for very precise placement, which is important for me because I like to hand place every piece