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Disposable CA Glue Tips

Disposable CA Glue Tips

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Disposable CA Glue funnel tips. Use these on top of your Astro Tech CA Glues to get a more precise amount of CA Glue in your rings. Best for single usage as the glue will harden within the tip with time but easily interchangeable. Simply secure the tip onto the CA Glue bottle and then cut to the desired length and width for perfect control.
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Customer Reviews

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Charles J. Goulet
Tips are nice

The tips are good at directing small amounts of CA into spots that would otherwise flood with glue. Also good for other than extra thin CA by cutting them off.

Joshua Hertzog
Must Have

These keep your larger bottle tips clean and make cleaning up after a breeze. You can cut the tip to get just the right amount of flow too. I use maybe 1-2 a project, so these packs last a while.


The Glue tips work great for my ring projects.


Definitely controlling the process!

patrick howell
ca tips

not a fan of them whether buying them for yall or anybody. is there a better method. not really much control with them if you are trying to do precision work. i am still a rookie, but i didnt like them when i was taking a class and the teacher had us use them.