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Exotic Inlay 30-Pack

Exotic Inlay 30-Pack

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This pack contains our thirtbest-selling exotic inlay materials.

Everything from the Exotic Inlay 20 pack:

  • 24K Gold Sheets
  • Amber Fragments
  • Amethyst Fragments
  • Apatite Fragments
  • Copper Shavings
  • Diamond Dust
  • Dinosaur Bone Fragments
  • Emerald Fragments
  • Garnet Fragments
  • Lapis Lazuli Fragments
  • Malachite Fragments
  • Mammoth Tooth Fragments
  • Moonstone Fragments
  • Obsidian Fragments
  • Peridot Fragments
  • Ruby Fragments
  • Sapphire Fragments
  • Tanzanite Fragments
  • Turquoise Fragments
  • Zircon Fragments

Plus these 10 exotic materials:

  • Amazonite Fragments
  • Black Marble Fragments
  • Blue Sandstone
  • Fluorite Fragments
  • Iron Pyrite Fragments
  • Jade Fragments
  • Picasso Marble Fragments
  • Rhodonite Fragments
  • Tiger's Eye Fragments
  • Water Sapphire Fragments

A great deal for those who would like to make multiple rings with different exotic inlay variations! This includes all of our exotic inlay materials except some of our diamonds.

You'll receive 1 gram of each material.  One gram is enough to enhance five rings in most circumstances.

You can also check out our Exotic Inlay 10-Pack for $49.99 and 20-pack for $119.99

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Excellent starter variety pack to dabble and figure out what you like or simply to have multiple inlay materials on hand


Whether you are just starting out or just looking for an excellent selection then this pack is for you. Since posting the list I have available, I have already used 7 of these. I will definitely be ordering again.

Steve Grumpy Haile
Good mix to get started with

Excellent mix of exotic inlay to get started with.

Linda Dove

Received my 30 pack of exotics a couple of weeks ago. We have already used several of the stones and meteorite. Polished up well and looks great.

Thanks for taking time to leave a review, Linda. We're glad to hear you're satisfied with all of your new inlays. We can't wait to see your beautiful creations! ~Sarah

Ryan Beeston

Perfect as always