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Hammered Tungsten Ring Blank

Hammered Tungsten Ring Blank

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High-quality tungsten. Hammered tungsten gives the inlay lip a unique patterned texture that will really make your ring stand out! Rings are available in 8mm, 6mm, and 4mm widths.

The channel on the 8 mm ring blanks is 1 mm deep and 4 mm wide.  Our 6 mm-wide rings have a channel that is 1 mm deep and 3 mm wide.  Our 4mm-wide rings’ channel is 1 mm deep and 1.9 mm wide.

Note: Ring blank may have the size and/or material type laser-engraved on the interior.

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Customer Reviews

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Ronald Hoogenstyn
Hammered Tungsten ring blank

My favorite ring blank to work with. I love how all the facets catch the light enhance your ring design.

Marvin Schilt
Good products

They have good products but are generally more expensive and are somewhat slower to ship.

Hi Marvin,
Thanks for taking time to give feedback, and we're glad you like our products.
We aren't Amazon with a warehouse in every major city, but we are quick to ship. On your ten orders, all have been fulfilled within one business day.
You can take advantage of our multi-packs of rings, opals, pigments and lots of other items to get even better prices!
~ Carolyn

John H.
Great Quality, Tough Material

First time working with Tungsten, on the plus side, it doesn't erode away while sanding away excess material from the ring. The downside to that is if you need to make any divots of your own, you will need much harder tools to make progress without taking ages sanding away with a standard Dremel. As always the materials are amazing quality from Patrick Adair Supplies.

Larry Key

Perfect in timing and quality


Incredible quality I've come to expect from Patrick Adair Supplies.