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Water Sapphire (Iolite)

Water Sapphire (Iolite)

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Water sapphire or iolite is a beautiful smooth purple gemstone. It was first used as the "Vikings compass" as they would use a thin sheet of iolite to determine the exact position of the sun. A beautiful gemstone used throughout history that makes for a perfect inlay material. It ranks fairly high on the Mohs scale at 7.5 Have a piece of history in your ring with our new Iolite collection. Try out this new exotic inlay material in your next ring making project!

Each purchase includes 1 gram of Iolite, approximately enough to make 5 rings.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Very nice stone

17 year old ring maker. Very nice to work with.
The ones I got didn't turn out blue, and ended up having a shade of black.
Didn't ruin my ring, and it still came out perfect.
Already used the gemstone twice so far.
If you have any advice on working with this gemstone that would be nice.

Hi Winds!
Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We're glad to hear you were satisfied with the water sapphire! We have a Facebook group called Patrick Adair Makers where anyone can join and converse with other ring makers, feel free to join and show off your work!


Very pretty stone

This stone is beautiful and works well with many designs