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Patrick Adair Supplies

Shipping Protection

Shipping Protection

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Protect your orders while in transit!

Add one unit of protection per $100-order-value in the USA and two units of protection per $100-order-value for international orders (US$). 

Shipping protection is not an insurance product but is an opportunity to protect your purchase during the shipping process. Generally, once a product is shipped from the seller, the buyer assumes the liability for any lost or stolen items in transit. For a marginal fee you may shift that risk to us by paying for the shipping protection. When you pay for Shipping Protection, the terms of your purchase are changed and you only assume the risk of loss once it is delivered and received by you. Any items that are improperly shipped or improperly delivered will be our responsibility to replace.  For domestic orders shipped within the USA, we maintain the right to wait up to 15 days before we consider the package lost or stolen. (Generally we will fix the issue sooner.)  For an international order outside of the USA, we will consider a package lost after it has been in transit for more than 45 days without a delivery. 

Claiming a Refund

In order to receive a replacement or refund, we need to see that the official tracking information from USPS, UPS, etc. does not show it was delivered to your address.  If the tracking information shows it was delivered, we may request further action taken before sending a replacement such as a report filed with USPS, UPS, etc, or a police report if the package was stolen.  For assistance with a lost package, please email us at and we will look at each missing package on a case-by-case basis.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Patricia Hepburn
Shipping protection

You sent my last package by UPS asI requested and it arrived safely at my house. The USPS box is about 1/4 mile from my house and I’m sure that is the reason I had an issue before. I would like all packages to be sent by UPS. Thank you Trish Hepburn

Brian Kelly
Easy to miss

I think there should be a mandatory yes/no checkbox at checkout. I didn't see it so my first box never showed and I had to pay to get a replacement but never got a mandrel or the glue that was supposed to be included free.

Hi Brian, we were waiting to hear what you learned at the post office. We have been in touch with you now and filed a claim for the missing shipment. We will keep you updated.
Thanks, Carolyn

Kim Solo
Great products

I’ve been attempting to inlay my silver rings, struggled until I found Patrick Adair Supplies! Product and videos are wonderful!

Thanks for leaving a review, Kim! Nobody has made more rings than Patrick Adair, and we love creating videos to help inspire our customers. Keep creating, we can't wait to see what you come up with! ~Sarah

Robert Lauck

Seems good so far

John Deszell
Shipping Protection

Insurance that if something happens to your package you’ll get reimbursed.