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Red Glow Powder (white daytime)

Red Glow Powder (white daytime)

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In the daytime, the powder appears off-white. Once charged by UV light, the powder puts off a fiery red-orange glow similar like hot lava. We offer a range of purchase options from 15 grams to one kilogram for your specific needs.  

Ten grams will be enough to make approximately 10 rings or similar projects.  Manufacturing techniques may differ, so keep that in mind!

The glow powder can be mixed with color pigments to create your own unique shade, or it can be left uncolored to provide a brighter glow. If you mix it with pigment, it is recommended that you perform color samples with your selected adhesive because the color will change slightly when mixed. 

Orange and red glow powders are not as strong in comparison to our greens, blues, and other colors.  See below for more info on this.  They are also much more expensive to produce and therefore cost more than our other colors.  Orange and red glow powder are more dense, so vials contain about 14g instead of 10g.

About Glow Powder:

Most light sources will charge the glow powder. You can use the light on your phone, lightbulbs in your home, etc.  But for best results, use a UV flashlight or direct sunlight. 

Once charged, the powders put off a bright glow which gradually decreases in intensity over the next 4-8 hours depending on how thoroughly the powder was charged.

We use pure glow powders with absolutely zero additives or fillers. This is critical because even slight amounts of impurities will greatly reduce the intensity of the glow. 

Different colors provide different glow brightness!  Keep this in mind when making your color choices or when mixing with color pigments.  As an example, if red glow powder is mixed with a dark shade of color pigment such as black, the glow will be greatly reduced.   

1.  Green=brightest

2.  Aqua

3.  Blue

4.  White

5.  Purple

6.  Orange

7.  Red

8.  Pink=dimmest

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Was orange and not red

Keep this in mind

While I do really like it, it's not my favorite and will likely sit on my shelf for a while. One, it glows more orange than red, which is fine. Secondly, because it is so dim you have to sacrifice vibrancy in your pigment to be able to see it glow. Just keep that in mind.

Jeffrey Smith
It wasnt as red as i would like but i understand why. The rings did turn out really good. Im new ...

Color was a more to an orange color but both rings turned out well.

We're happy to hear your rings turned out well, Jeffrey! Our red glow powder flows a fiery red-orange color, I'm sure it looked wonderful in your rings! ~Sarah