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Nebula Twist Ring Kit

Nebula Twist Ring Kit

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This special edition ring kit will include all the materials you will need to make your very own Special Edition Nebula Twist Glowstone Ring. Try your hand at a Damascus Steel ring blank, you're going to love it!  This kit includes:

-Damascus Steel Ring Blank of your desired size

-Uncut diamonds (1 carat)

-Obsidian Pigment Powder, Violet Pigment Powder, & Bright Sapphire Pigment Powder (5 g each)

-Green Glow Powder (10 g)

-Mini UV Flashlight Keychain

-Ultimate Ring Making PDF Guide

Kit will include product portions with enough material to complete one ring.  Save about 20% compared to buying items individually!  CA glue and polish sold separately.  

Every ring kit from Patrick Adair Supplies comes with our Ultimate Ring Making PDF Guide!  Your guide will be emailed to you immediately after purchase.  Plus check out our Patrick Adair Supplies YouTube channel for a tutorial on how to make the Nebula Twist Ring and many others!  

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Customer Reviews

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good service although different from before

arrived on time in good condition my only gripe is the amount of filler given is the same amount for a ring 1 and 2 sizes down which seems a bit off in terms of amount since when i got my first rings from this business back when there was barely any of you i got more material noticeably in smaller ring size orders which i just think is odd but i guess everyone has issues these days sourcing materials.

I see you ordered in our first year of existence- thank you! Some components of our ring kits may have changed in the six years since your first order with us. Our ring kits are now standardized, and customers get the same quantity of inlay material for any size ring blank. This should always be enough to complete at least one ring. We're happy to have you back!