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Astro Tech CA Glue - Medium

Astro Tech CA Glue - Medium

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Premium Medium Viscosity CA glue.  Each bottle contains 20 grams (0.71 oz) of super glue.  This is the main product we use to add inlay material in Glowstone rings.  Medium viscosity mixes well with coarse substances for inlay and repairs, mixes with glow powder and color pigment, and provides a nice topcoat.   See our YouTube channel for instructions and insight!

Save 20% with our 5-pack compared to buying individually!

Note to our International Customers:   If we are shipping liquids (like glue) to you outside of the USA, Canada, or the UK, we recommend choosing our "UPS" shipping option at checkout.  The shipping will cost a little more, but many international postal services won't accept liquids from another country.  "UPS" does generally arrive very quickly, around 3-4 days almost anywhere in the world, so you will also get your package faster!  If you are confident that you will be able to get liquids past your Customs inspections through the postal service, you can choose USPS as your shipping.  Thank you for your understanding!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

It's super glue and it glued not sure what else to say.

Best glue

This stuff is amazing. It polishes out like glass.

Alessandro Ranzi

Astro Tech CA Glue - Medium

Deborah Deem
Astro Tech CA Glue

The Astro Tech CA Glue is perfect for doing my rings and I know it's always going to turn out perfect everytime.

Josh Pater
Good glue juice

Good glue,

Bonds well and is easy to work with if you are careful