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The Essentials Starter Kit

The Essentials Starter Kit

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The "Essentials Starter Kit" is the perfect way to get started making your own beautiful, custom Glowstone rings.  You'll get all the materials and instructions you need for an awesome value!  

Everything Included

Our goal was to make a kit that comes with every material you need to make a ring in one purchase.  The Essentials kit includes ring blanks, glow powder, glues, tools, color pigments, opal, inlay materials, and more.  If you've never made a ring before, this is the kit for you!


The savings in this bundle make it absolutely worth it. You save 25% on all of these supplies to help you create the most beautiful and stunning custom rings. We want to make it an easy choice for you to try this new hobby! 


Included with the Essentials Starter Kit is the Ultimate Ring Making PDF Guide.  It will have you covered whether you have a lathe or not, or even just using a wooden dowel like you'll get with this kit!  Plus we have an entire YouTube channel dedicated to step-by-step ring making videos!  Check out Patrick Adair Supplies on YouTube for all our tutorials. 

    What's Inside?

    • The Ultimate Ring Making PDF Guide (emailed after purchase)
    • Solar Stripe Ring Kit
      • Titanium Offset-Channel Ring Blank
      • Orange Neon Glow Powder Pigment
      • Blood Orange Opal


    • Black Ceramic Ring Blank
    • Comet Gray Opal
    • Amethyst Fragments
    • Green Glow Powder
    • Bright Sapphire Color Pigment
    • Black Obsidian Color Pigment
    • Medium CA Glue
    • CA Glue Accelerator
    • Medium Ring Polish
    • Two Mixing Vials
    • Two 5ml Storage Containers
    • Wooden Dowel
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