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The Ultimate Starter Kit

The Ultimate Starter Kit

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The "Ultimate Starter Kit" is the perfect way to get started making your own beautiful, custom Glowstone rings.  This kit is a great step up from the "Essentials" and "Deluxe" Starter Kits because it comes with a stainless steel expanding ring mandrel (like the Deluxe) plus even more products and variety!  Thanks to the mandrel, you'll be making a worth-while investment that pays off in the long run when it's much easier to make each ring!  With this kit you'll get all the materials and instructions you need to start ring-making for an awesome value!  

Everything Included

Our goal was to make a kit that comes with every material you need to make multiple rings in one purchase.  The Ultimate kit includes an expanding ring mandrel, ring blanks, glow powder, glues, tools, color pigments, opal, inlay materials, and more.  If you've never made a ring before, this is the kit for you!


The savings in this bundle make it absolutely worth it. You save 35% on all of these supplies to help you create the most beautiful and stunning custom rings. We want to make it an easy choice for you to try this new hobby! 


Included with the Ultimate Starter Kit is the Ultimate Ring Making PDF Guide.  It will have you covered whether you have a lathe or not, or even just using a wooden dowel like you'll get with this kit!  Plus we have an entire YouTube channel dedicated to step-by-step ring making videos!  Check out Patrick Adair Supplies on YouTube for all our tutorials like the Sapphire Storm how-to video!

What's Inside

  • The Ultimate Ring Making PDF Guide (emailed after purchase)
  • Stainless Steel Expanding Ring Mandrel (pick your size)
  • The¬†Sapphire Storm Ring Kit¬†
    • Tungsten¬†Ring Blank (pick your size)
    • Sapphire Fragments
    • Water Sapphire Fragments
    • Diamond Dust
    • Blue Glow Powder
    • Bright Sapphire Color Pigment
    • Gun Metal¬†Color Pigment


  • Black Ceramic¬†Ring Blank (pick your size)
  • White Ceramic Ring Blank (pick your size)
  • Titanium Offset-Channel Ring Blank (pick your size)
  • Dragon Scale Opal
  • Deep Space Opal
  • Dinosaur Bone Fragments
  • Gold Leaf Sheets
  • Aqua Glow Powder
  • Green Glow Powder
  • Orange Neon Glow Powder
  • Aquamarine Color Pigment
  • Violet Color Pigment
  • Tangerine Color Pigment
  • Our Astro Tech CA Glue Essentials 5 Pack
    • Super Thin CA Glue
    • Medium CA Glue
    • Thick CA Glue
    • CA Accelerator
    • CA Debonder
  • 100 Disposable Glue Tips
  • Astro Tech Ring Polish 3 Pack
    • Step 1 Rough
    • Step 2 Medium
    • Step 3 Mirror Finish
  • Our Diamond Polishing Paste 5 Pack
    • Step 1 (30-40 Micron)
    • Step 2¬† (10-20 Micron)
    • Step 3¬† (4-6 Micron)
    • Step 4¬† (0-1 Micron)
    • Step 5¬† (0-.25 Micron)
  • Ten Mixing Vials
  • Ten 5ml Storage Containers
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Michael Nead

    I have had an absolute blast putting rings together with the ultimate starter kit it came packaged very well and have had no issues with the company very well done

    richard bricker
    Very good

    order right and fast will order again

    Johannes Biedermann

    It came all neatly packed and sorted, all the things look really cool and it is a lot of fun to make your own rings!
    The set offers all you need to start, only thing i kinda miss in this kit is a pair of tweezers, they just make it a lot easier!
    Also the customer support is the friendliest and most cooperative i've ever seen on the internet!!

    Steve Grumpy Haile
    What better way to make a come back

    15 Years ago I sold off all my Jewelry tools & supplies, so now I'm starting again from scratch, and this Ultimate Starter Kit, is going to be a big boost in my start.
    Thanks Patric Adair Supplies and Staff, I appreciate your service.
    Steve "Grumpy"

    Robert Snyder
    Great Starter Kit!

    I Love that absolutely everything you need is included! I'm so happy with my results! I'm so thankful for what yall have available! It would be great if with all if the set kits, if you could pick each individual ring material! Thanks again!!!

    Thank you for the review, Robert! We're thrilled to hear your excitement about your new Ultimate Starter Kit. We can't wait to see what you create! ~Sarah