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Titanium Ring Blank

Titanium Ring Blank

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Our high-quality titanium ring blanks are lightweight and strong, suitable for comfortable daily use.  Titanium is hypoallergenic, non-conductive electrically, crack-resistant, and corrosion-resistant.

Rings are available in 8 mm, 6mm and 4mm widths to accompany any inlay material you desire.

The channel on the 8 mm ring blanks is 1 mm deep and 4 mm wide.  Our 6 mm-wide rings have a channel that is 1 mm deep and 3 mm wide.  Our 4mm-wide rings’ channel is 1 mm deep and 1.9 mm wide.

Note:  Ring blank may have the material type and/or size laser engraved on the interior.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Light and Shiny

Very bright, shiny material, and lightweight.

Be cautious when doing your sanding, though, because it will sand away if you are not perfectly aligned. Since I do most of my sanding while driving to and from work (one hand sanding, one hand on the steering wheel...) I tend to round off the top of the ring.

Tracy Poe
Awesome Titanium Ring Blank

I was able to make this blank into an awesome ring that is one of my favorites now.

Light material

I got this to make a memorial ring to wear on my pinky. Titanium is very light, so I think it'll be perfect for that purpose. As always, PAS got my order out the door quickly. No dilly-dallying there when it comes to fulfilling orders!

Charles Goulet
Nice ring blanks

These are nice blanks as I can polish them up fairly well, especially when CA leaches under blank onto tape protecting inside. I don’t tear the blank up, just a little polishing to clean it.

Randy Fritchman
Titanium ring core

Easy to work with and finish up to a nice shine.