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Vulcan Ring Making Kit

Vulcan Ring Making Kit

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Vulcan is the God of fire and metal work, so it's only fitting that the Vulcan ring is inspired by him. The black fire opal plays perfectly into this theme, and the premium Damascus steel ring blank adds a touch of luxury.

Damascus steel is created by hammering and blending many layers of metal, then twisting and flattening them to create this beautiful band.

The black fire opal is set against the green glow powder, giving this ring a truly unique look. Whether you're a fan of mythology or just looking for a ring that stands out from the rest, the Vulcan ring is sure to please.

Save 20% compared to buying components individually!

What's included?

• Our Premium Damascus Steel Ring Blank

• Black Fire Opal (1g)

• Obsidian Color Pigment (5g)

• Green Glow Powder (10ml)

• Mini UV Flashlight

• Ultimate Ring Making PDF

Follow along with the tutorial on how to make your own Vulcan ring:
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Customer Reviews

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This ring is awesome! I packed the channel full of Black Fire opals, added the obsidian pigment-green glow powder mix, sanded, polished, and Bam! It looks like there's a party going on in there! I haven't etched it yet, so I have that to look forward to this weekend.(I'm calling this ring "The Haephestus" instead of "The Vulcan" because I like Greek mythology better than Roman - it's whole thing, don't ask - and so no one thinks I'm talking about Spock's home world.)

Hey Burklee,
We are so glad to hear your enthusiasm for this ring! We considered calling it the Haephestus but thought most of the world would not appreciate that name as much as you do, haha!
~ Carolyn

Rachael S.
Love the design

Wish the ring blanks, especially in smaller sizes for slender fingers, were thinner than 2mm as I likely would have gone down 1/2 size and removed more thickness from inside the blank as it is slightly uncomfortable to wear because my fingers don't touch with it on.

Thanks for the good feedback. We have thinner rings on our list of future offerings and will let you know when they are available. Until then, you figured out a great solution of buying a smaller size and sanding the interior. This works on Damascus steel, carbon fiber, titanium, and wood ring blanks.