White Glow Powder

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In the daytime, the powder appears off-white. Once charged by UV light, the powder puts off a brilliant white glow. The powder is packaged in a premium glass vial perfect for longterm storage.

5 ml will be enough to make approximately 5-10 rings. While this is a large range, it is impossible to provide an exact estimate due to possible differences in manufacturing techniques.

The glow powder can be mixed with color pigments to create your own unique shade, or it can be left uncolored to provide a brighter glow. If you mix it with pigment, it is recommended that you perform color samples with your selected adhesive because the color will change slightly when wetted. 

About Glow Powder:

Most light sources will charge the glow powder. You can use the light on your phone, lightbulbs in your home, etc. But for best results, use a UV flashlight or direct sunlight. 

Once charged, the powders put off a bright glow which gradually decreases in intensity over the next 4-8 hours depending on how thoroughly the powder was charged.

We use pure glow powders with absolutely zero additives or fillers. This is critical because even slight amounts of impurities will greatly reduce the intensity of the glow.