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Opal - Pick Your Own 5-Pack

Opal - Pick Your Own 5-Pack

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Pick your own 5-pack of crushed opal! A great place to get your 5 favorites together for a discount of just $9 per gram.

Choose from any of our 76 colors.  Scroll through the list and find your colors (in alphabetical order). 

You'll receive 1 gram of each color you choose.  Usually ring-makers can make 2-3 rings with one gram of opal.  Opal stone size is 2-3 mm.

Also check out all our bulk opal options below!

Opal 5-Pack $44.99

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Opal 25-Pack $134.99

Opal 50-Pack $249.99

Opal 75-Pack $349.99

Opal Pick Your Own 5-Pack $44.99

Opal Pick Your Own 10-Pack $69.99

Opal Pick Your Own 25-Pack $134.99

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Customer Reviews

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Toby Raines

Opal - Pick Your Own 5-Pack

Joseph Alonso
Great Products

Already made 5 rings.

Great company!

I've used PAD opal a few times and Everytime it's been amazing. My wife always loves the colors and you get a good variety of sizes with plenty of larger pieces to play with. Def my go to for opal!

Thanks for the review, Justin! Glad to hear both you and your wife are happy with the opal! Can't wait to see what you create next! ~Sarah

Eric Croteau
Epic as always.

The larger packs of opal are where the deal is obviously. But the smaller 5 pack is exactly what I needed in a pinch to put together exactly what I was needing for a gift for my brother. Plus a few extra colors so I could replenish my existing collection.


Opal - Pick Your Own 5-Pack