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Opal - Pick Your Own 5-Pack

Opal - Pick Your Own 5-Pack

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Pick your own 5-pack of crushed opal! A great place to get your 5 favorites together for a discount of just $9 per gram.

Choose from any of our 76 colors.  Scroll through the list and find your colors (in alphabetical order). 

You'll receive 1 gram of each color you choose.  Usually ring-makers can make 2-3 rings with one gram of opal.  Opal stone size is 2-3 mm.

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Customer Reviews

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Opal - Pick Your Own 5-Pack

Colby Faunce

Opal - Pick Your Own 5-Pack

Kael Kernochan
Kael K

it was great I got all the colors I ordered and they look amazing

Hope Hill

I love your opal and your selection is huge and each is unique. I have made many rings with your opal and will make many more. Thank you for being so inspiring. If love to share pictures of I could figure out how

Thank you, Hope! We would love to see your creations. We have a Facebook group where ringmakers can collaborate and share their work. Anyone can join!

Brian Toth
Spectacular Opal flash

Very colorful and useful for my next projects

Thank you for leaving a review, Brian! We can't wait to see your finished projects! Enjoy your Opals! ~Sarah