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Opal 10-Pack

Opal 10-Pack

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The Opal 10-Pack includes our ten most popular opal colors!  It comes with a great variety of colors as well, covering the whole rainbow.  

You're getting a great bulk discount too, just $7 per gram!  

Your pack includes all the colors from our Opal 5-Pack, plus our other most popular 5 opals.

Includes our Opal 5-Pack Plus these 5 colors:
  • Black Fire
  • Crimson Red
  • Deep Space Blue
  • Dragon Scale
  • Pearl White
                    • Black Emerald
                    • Blood Orange
                    • Ember
                    • Lavender
                    • Sonic Gray

                     You'll receive 1 gram of each color, which is enough to make 2-3 rings in most circumstances.

                    If you'd like to make a custom 10 pack, check out the Opal Pick Your Own 10-Pack listed below along with all our bulk opal options!

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                    Opal 10-Pack $69.99

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                    Opal 75-Pack $349.99

                    Opal Pick Your Own 5-Pack $44.99

                    Opal Pick Your Own 10-Pack $69.99

                    Opal Pick Your Own 25-Pack $134.99

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                    Customer Reviews

                    Based on 16 reviews
                    Doug Weber
                    Opal 10 pack

                    Not as much Opal as I expected to receive in the containers

                    Thanks for your order with us! The 10-Pack of opal contains one gram of each color. We sell larger quantities of opal individually if you're interested in larger amounts. The more you buy, the more you save!

                    Pick your own colors!

                    I love that there are packs you can pick your own colors. I've ordered a few pick your own packs. My stock has so many colors now I have a hard time deciding what colors to so much fun tho.😍

                    Merle Combe
                    10 pack of most popular opal

                    The material is outstanding. I liked the variety of the colors .. was using it the same day I received them..I will definitely buy your opal again as well as other supplies.
                    Wood promises wood and opal rings

                    Thank you for taking time to leave a review, Merle! We love to hear this! Enjoy creating with your opals! ~Sarah

                    Joe Henry

                    The 10 pack opal pack was wonderful perfect size crushed opal for inlay

                    Opal 10pack

                    I love the variety of colors that I received. My customers had no problem choosing the opals I now have to offer!
                    All items in my order were received in timely manner.