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Opal 25-Pack

Opal 25-Pack

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The 25-pack offers a wide range of color options!  You're going to have plenty of opals to offer your customers.

And you're getting a killer bulk discount too at just over $5 per gram (what?!)

It includes all the colors from our 5 and 10-Packs, plus our most popular 15 remaining opals.

Includes our Opal 10-Pack Plus these 15 colors:
  • Black Emerald
  • Black Fire
  • Blood Orange
  • Crimson Red
  • Deep Space Blue
  • Dragon Scale
  • Ember
  • Lavender
  • Pearl White 
  • Sonic Gray
                    • Arctic Blue
                    • Blue Fire
                    • Bubble Gum Pink
                    • Cobalt Blue
                    • Comet Gray
                    • Coral
                    • Crushed Pineapple
                    • Cyan Green
                    • Inferno
                    • Lava Rock
                    • Neon Green
                    • Onyx Green
                    • Periwinkle
                    • Unicorn Blue
                    • Unicorn Purple

                                              You'll receive 1 gram of each color, which is enough to make 2-3 rings in most circumstances.

                                              If you'd like to make a custom 25 pack, check out the Opal Pick Your Own 25-Pack listed below along with all our bulk opal options!

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                                              Opal 25-Pack $134.99

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                                              Opal Pick Your Own 10-Pack $69.99

                                              Opal Pick Your Own 25-Pack $134.99

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                                              Customer Reviews

                                              Based on 6 reviews
                                              Richard Antles

                                              If your into Filling ring blanks, this is a smokin deal. Cuts your cost down to $5.40 per gram.

                                              David H
                                              Opal 25-pack

                                              If you can afford this, buy it . You won't be disappointed

                                              Nathaniel Frees

                                              love all the opal that i buy from here!

                                              Chris Crabtree

                                              Great choice if u want all the colors

                                              Mark Passman
                                              Opal 25 pack

                                              The 25 pack was perfect. just the right amount of different opals to get started.

                                              Great to hear you were satisfied, Mark! ~Sarah