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Opal - Pick Your Own 10-Pack

Opal - Pick Your Own 10-Pack

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Pick your own 10-pack of crushed opal! You'll have a great variety to offer your customers and to build different rings for yourself!

Choose from any of our 76 colors.  Scroll through the list and find your colors (in alphabetical order).  

And you're getting a killer bulk discount too at just $7 per gram!

You'll receive 1 gram of each color you choose.  Usually ring-makers can make 2-3 rings with one gram of opal.  Opal stone size is 2-3 mm.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Alessandro Ranzi
Very nice

Beautiful with incredible reflections

Joel Poindexter
Best quality

These crushed opals are beautiful. The quality is amazing and consistent every time.

Paula Turnbull
Pick your own 10 pack opal

Great product / great price.

Thank you for the review, Paula! Enjoy creating with your new opals! ~Sarah

10 pack opal ring assortment

All products were very good quality

Stu C
I'm sure it will be nice when it actually turns up

Shipping to the UK appears to be a problem for this company. It's been two weeks now and the opals are stuck with customs because of the way it was shipped. I don't have this issue with any other US company but it happens every time with PA. I continue to buy opals from PA because they're good quality and consistent, but they're definitely over priced and the shipping is hugely lacking.

Hi Stu,
Two orders is a very small sample size to judge shipping averages on. We don't have any control of a package once we deliver it to USPS. Thank you for the kind words about our opal quality. ~Sarah