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Uncut Diamonds - Ultra Premium Grade

Uncut Diamonds - Ultra Premium Grade

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Uncut diamonds add a brilliant sparkle to any ring!  Our ultra-premium grade diamonds are the highest quality diamonds we sell and give off more light and sparkle.  They are ultra clear.  Each order contains enough genuine uncut ultra-premium grade diamonds to enhance one to five rings.

Total weight is one carat, which contains approximately 150 individual diamonds.  First photo is approximately one carat.

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Customer Reviews

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Jeffrey Ponder

Uncut Diamonds - Ultra Premium Grade

Thank you for leaving a review, Jeffrey! ~Sarah

Marlena Allen.



Beautiful and stunning quality material

We appreciate the feedback, C.J.! Thank you! ~Sarah

Nicholas Richard
Still useable! Great product, just misleading.

To be honest, I went with you guys because it was a one spot stop for all the supplies, I love your videos, and wanted to support you. But the diamonds for the price should’ve been a touch bigger. Atleast in my application I could’ve used bigger pieces. I could’ve ultimately bought a bigger uncut diamond for about the same or double the cost and had more to work with. When I see you use this product in videos it looks bigger then what I received. Maybe provide different sizes for each diamond product? In the end, I still love the service and product and I’m going to use it! Overall satisfied, but now I need more and have more work to do! Thanks for providing the supplies you do though! I appreciate it. Keep up the good work!